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Vipassana Meditation Course Application — Teacher's Self Course
From 09 November, 2013 to 24 November, 2013 at Dhammalaya, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
Phone No: 0231-2525270 Mobile: 0-9767413232 Email: [email protected]

Course Requirements

The Special 10-Day course, Long Courses of 20 days or more and the Teachers’ Self-Course are opportunities for deep, intensive practice of Vipassana meditation. To make proper use of them one must have full confidence in the technique and must feel a personal commitment to work exclusively under the guidance of S.N. Goenka and his assistant teachers. The search for a teacher and a path must be over; only then is it possible to go to the depths of this technique.

Sufficient experience in the practice is also necessary. For those who do not yet feel this confidence, who are not ready to make the necessary commitment, who are still giving a trial to the technique or who lack adequate meditation course experience it is better to join the program of 10-Day courses. Repeated 10-Day courses also offer the opportunity for serious meditation.

In the past, some meditators out of over-enthusiasm have tried to join courses for which they were not ready and found that they could not complete the course. Some with serious difficulties deliberately concealed them fearing that their applications would be rejected and the result was that their problems became more severe. Instead of deriving benefit from their course these people in fact harmed themselves.

Before applying, therefore, examine yourself honestly whether you are ready for a longer period of serious, diligent meditation. If so, please answer the following questions just as you would to the questions put to you by your doctor providing all necessary details. All information will be treated as confidential.

Each type of old student course has its own specific requirements. Please read these requirements carefully prior to submitting an application for this course.

Each year Mr. Goenka sits his own course in India. This has traditionally been called the Teacher's Self Course (TSC). Students who qualify are allowed to sit a self-course at the same time.

  • Must be a serious old student who is making a significant contribution to the spread of Dhamma.

  • Must be practicing Vipassana exclusively (not practicing any other meditation techniques).

  • Must have sat at least one Satipatthana Sutta Course.

  • Must have local Teachers' recommendation.

  • Priority will be given to those who have not sat a TSC before.

The above are minimum requirements and not a guarantee of admission. Application for admission to each of the 10-Day Special Course, 20-Day Course, 30-Day Course, 45-Day Course, 60-Day Course and the Teacher's Self-course must include a recommendation from an Assistant Teacher who knows you well and a Full Teacher from the student's local area.